Insights Discovery

Insights helps organizations to improve the self-understanding of their people.

If people are aware of what their qualities and shortcomings are, as well as what drives them and gives them energy or stress, they can focus on their personal growth. And that also benefits the organization.

What Insights Discovery does:

• You gain insight into yourself.
• You gain insight into others.
• This allows you to coordinate your behaviour and communication with each other, so that your mutual collaboration becomes more effective.
• More effective achievement of business objectives.

Insights Discovery Workshop with Fundament

The Insights Discovery Workshop offers in-depth and inspiring training that has an immediate impact on communication, collaboration, relationships, etc.

Insights Discovery uses 4 colours: Bright Blue, Fiery Red, Shining Yellow and Soft Green. These colours enable you to gain insights into your own behaviour and relationships. You can also use them to explain why other people display a completely different kind of behaviour.

After taking part in the Insights Discovery Workshop, you will be able to answer the following questions within your company:
• How can I best communicate with my employees, customers, business partners, etc.?
• What motivates my employees, colleagues, etc.?
• How can I apply the principles of Insights Discovery in practice?
• How do I get the most out of my team, taking into account their Insights Discovery profiles?

Katrien Decostere takes you on an inspiring journey through the Insights story!

Insights Discovery